Friday, May 11, 2012

Special Guys

In September 2009, we started the St. Francis High School Mountain Bike Team. We were the second official team of the newly formed SoCal High School Mountain Bike League. A lot has happened with the team since 2009, but five really special guys have been through it all. 

As Freshman, Steven Ayoob, Matt Misetich, and Cameron Aubert took a "leap of faith" and decided that they wanted to be mountain bike racers for their school. Four years later, they completed their final SoCal league race last weekend as Seniors. With bright futures ahead of them, and incredible experiences behind them, I know that we will miss them as much as they will miss being part of this great team. 

We will also be losing two other important Seniors this season as well. Christian Breitschwerdt and Connor Haas both joined the team as Sophomores. Like Steven, Matt, and Cameron - Christian and Connor are incredible guys that have been an important part of our team. 

Steven, Matt, Cameron, Christian, and Connor - THANK YOU for your dedication and commitment to the team and for your hard work. You guys really are special. 

 Coach Bird with Matt, Cameron, and Steven

 Connor Haas

Christian Breitschwerdt

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