Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's a wrap!

Our season has ended. Last Sunday was our final race at the beautiful Firestone course in Los Olivos. It turned out to be a great way for us to end the season. Beautiful venue, great course, and great racing.

This picture says it all. 4 friends out on their bikes on a great ride.

Lance showing good form.

Matt chasing hard.

Matt with a strong finish.
Another great shot of Matt amongst the cows.
(Thanks to Michael McClure for MANY great pictures)

Joseph was unable to race because of a bad ankle, but still made it up to the race. What a great teammate!

Steve with a sprint finish for position.

Steven and Andy out on the course together.
Here are some more notables on what we accomplished this year:
1. We had 39 official club rides!
2. I estimate based on attendance that we had a total of 676 hours of riding!
3. Burining appx 500 calories per hour = 338,000 calories = 697 Big Macs!
4. If we averaged 10 miles per hour, we would have ridden 6,760 miles! That’s enough to go to NY City and back, and then to Salt Lake City and back!!
Thanks again to the staff at St. Francis, Coach Patrick Donovan, the parents, students, and of course our sponsors. We had a fantastic year and can't wait to get started again in November!