Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wet and Wooly!

No time to write blogs, we've been riding! Since the start of the club, we have had excellent attendance and great interest in the rides. We had an epidemic of skinned knees, but we're all more confident now thanks to our renewed skills practice. This last week we rode up the Arroyo behind JPL and had a great time crossing three rivers, twice! (cross 'em going up, and cross 'em coming back). We also did a field test so that we will have some times to compare our improvement with.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Sorry for the long delay since the last update. I guess that I've been hibernating! Since the students were on Christmas break, we took a little break from riding as well.
Right before break, on our last ride on December 20th, we also did a little community service. We picked up trash on the trails that we have been riding on for the last few weeks. Time went by quickly, and before we knew it, our trash bags were filled. Christopher Zuzow won the "biggest piece of trash" award by finding, and thorwing away, a 15' section of rain gutter. Nice job guys!

Yesterday was our first ride since break. Before our ride we had the whole team together for our "official" team picture. Then off for our first trip up Brown Mountain. Another great day.