Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 2011-2012 Cycling Kit!

The 2011-2012 Team Kit is designed and ready for purchase! This year, the orders will be placed online through the manufacturer, Louis Garneau. The online store is only open until 11/13/11, so be sure to place your orders SOON! The online order store is open to all students, alumni, friends, and groupies of the St. Francis High School Mountain Bike Team!

You can access the Louis Garneau store by clicking HERE.

Pancake Breakfast - November 6th

On Sunday we will all be meeting up at Henninger Flats for the Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association Pancake Breakfast. You can hike, walk, run, or bike up the 3 mile toll road to Henninger Flats. If you would like to ride with us, meet us at the gate at 2260 Pinecrest Drive and be ready to roll at 8:00am. (Please be aware that there is NO PARKING on Pinecrest. You need to park a block or so away). Parents, friends, siblings, everyone is invited. A flyer for the event is below. Bring money for the breakfast and raffle tickets and wear your St. Francis cycling kits, sweatshirts, or t-shirts. There are going to be a lot of SF alumni attending and we’re going to do a big group picture.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Important Dates

Team - Our first official team event isn't until December 1st, but we have a lot to do between now and then. Listed below are some important dates and events:

October 25th at lunch - Student club meeting in Coach Donovan’s room. (The Music Room).

November 1st at 6:30pm – Mandatory Parent’s meeting in Coach Donovan’s room. (The Music Room).
It is very important that at least one parent attend. We will be reviewing the program, goals, equipment, clothing, costs, and paperwork. The SFHS Mountain Bike club is based on the SoCal Cycling League. ( I will be covering lots of information and will be able to answer all (hopefully) of your questions then. If for some reason your parent is not available that night, please have them email or call me to make other arrangements.

November 5th, 8:00am to 10:00am – Bike Inspection at SFHS in front of the theater.
This inspection is also mandatory for all new students. We want to make sure that all mountain bikes are safe before the riding begins. Recommendations on equipment condition will be made then.

November 6th – MWBA Pancake Breakfast at Henninger. 

November 29th at lunch - Student club meeting in Coach Donovan’s room. (The Music Room).           

December 1st after school – First ride.

December 2nd at 6:15am – First morning workout. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ready, get set, GO!

Are you ready for some mountain bike racing! I can't believe it, but we are already preparing for the start of our 4th season!

In case you missed the club fair at school, our first club meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, September 21st, during LUNCH, in the Music Room. (Coach Donovan's room). Bring your lunch and eat while we go over our season. If you are interested in racing with us again, or are new and want to learn more, please attend this meeting.

Those returning students - please be sure to tell your classmates about this meeting as well. It's an important one for any of the new students.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

State Championships!

More than 450 high school students from the State of California met at Los Olivos, just north of Santa Barbara, for the California High School Mountain Bike State Championships. Thirteen students from the St. Francis Mountain Bike team made the journey for the opportunity to compete against the best in the state.

“This is the first time at the State Championships for our team. I am very proud of their efforts this year and hope that this is a good learning experience and a vision of the future for the St. Francis team” Head Coach Lee Bird said.

In a huge Freshman Boys Division 1 class of 60 riders, Sean Bird’s season peaked at the right time and he raced neck-and-neck with the SoCal and NorCal series leaders, ending up with a very strong 5th place result and the team’s lone podium position for the day. Hunter Nalley also rode strong to 28th place and Daniel Balsam raced to 30th, securing them a top 50% result in a deep field of talented Freshman racers. Also competing in the Freshman class and doing well were Michael Greenberg in 47th and Keenan Koch in 55th.

Our Sophomore Boys Division 1 team also competed in a deep field with 48 racers from across the state. Matt Kubly rode hard on the technical and bumpy course to a solid 13th place. Not far behind was Scott Marshall sprinting to 17th. Making the trip after a break away from racing and doing his best was Michael Togneri in 40th.

The JV Boys Division 1 team also raced against a large field of 48 racers. Matt Misetich completed his season with another solid result and finished in 18th. Christian Breitschwerdt made the trip to Los Olivos the morning after attending his prom and finished in 29th. Cameron Aubert rode a steady race to 39th. Not far behind and battling with a stomach bug, but completing the race was Connor Haas in 40th.

Our sole Varsity rider, Eddy Kronfli, had set a goal at the beginning of the season to compete against the best in the state as a Varsity rider. Eddy achieved that goal and finished in 39th position.

It’s been a long season and the St. Francis team has a lot to be proud of. We have achieved a lot this season, including many podium positions and top-10 finishes. Those solid results and experience will catapult us into the 2011-2012 season with renewed energy and dedication.

Well done Golden Knights!

Matt battling for position in the infield portion of the course.

Christian did the whole race with a bloody nose!

Matt Kubly riding strong.

Sean had a great start and was on his way to a 5th place podium.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vail Lake - Final SoCal League Race of 2011

The St. Francis Golden Knights mountain bike team recently competed at Vail Lake for the final round of the 4 race SoCal high school mountain bike series. It was another successful weekend of competitive racing for the Golden Knights.

In the Freshman Boys Division 1 class, Sean Bird battled with the overall series leader and held on for a strong 4th place finish. Sean’s 4th place result secured his 5th place overall in the 4 race series. Hunter Nalley rode strong to 10th place securing a 7th overall in the race series. Also competing in the Freshman class and doing well were Michael Greenberg in 11th, JT Ingram in 16th, and Keenan Koch in 26th.

Our Sophomore Boys Division 1 team also had a podium finish. Scott Marshall dug deep to secure his first podium finish in 5th place. Matt Kubly who was not able to attend the race secured a solid 7th place overall in the series. Colby Koklas had a crash on the first lap but got back on his bike to finish in 21st.

The temperatures started heating up, and so did the racing as the JV Boys Division 1 team headed out for their race. Matt Misetich and Christian Breitschwerdt dueled side by side as they have done all season, finishing in 6th and 7th place. Their results also placed them in 6th and 7th overall for the JV boys. Connor Hass rode to another well deserved top-10, finishing in 9th place. Cameron Aubert and Steven Ayoob have steadily improved all season and finished in 12th and 16th.

Our sole Varsity rider, Eddy Kronfli, had his work cut out for him. The Varsity class is filled with pro level riders, and Eddy has worked hard all season to be the best that he can be in a very competitive class. Eddy’s #1 goal this season has been to qualify for the State Championships so that he can represent St. Francis as our first Varsity rider. Going into the race, Eddy knew that he needed to finish in 12th position or better. On the last lap, after 16 miles of racing in 90 degree temperatures with a little more than 5 miles to go, Eddy was battling neck and neck with another rider for that 12th position. With all of his coaches and teammates cheering him on, Eddy raced smart and succeeded in holding off his rival to finish in 12th and qualify for States.

Many of our riders have qualified for and will be competing against riders from all over California at the State Championships on May 15th in Los Olivos.

Well done Golden Knights!

Our secret training meal - Peeps on the camp fire the night before the race.

Sean Bird got a great start in the Freshman race.

Colby battling with a Woodcrest rider.

"Thanks Dad" - Connor getting a much needed water bottle in the feed zone.

Cameron Aubert has worked very hard this season and the results prove it.

Christian Breitschwerdt in full race mode.

Eddy in his final lap battle for the final State Champ spot.

My favorite picture so far this year.
Our Team Can Cheer on Our Riders Better Than Your Team!

Matt & Christian. 6th & 7th Overall, JV Boys.

Sean & Hunter. 5th and 7th Overall, Freshman Boys.

Scott Marshall's first SoCal League podium.
5th place, Sophomore Boys

Another great video from Coach Nick!

Power the Pinnacles - Lake Arrowhead

Snow on Saturday. Mud and cool temperatures on Sunday. Matt Kubly's first podium! Great racing! (yes, that's a brief race report).

JV Boys
Matt Misetich - 7th
Christian Breitschwerdt - 8th
Connor Haas - 9th
Cameron Aubert - 11th
Steven Ayoob - 15th

Soph Boys
Matt Kubly - 5th
Scott Marshall - 7th
Colby Koklas - 19th

Freshman Boys
Daniel Balsam - 6th
Hunter Nalley - 7th
Michael Greenberg - 10th
JT Ingram - 11th
Sean Bird - 26th

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keyesville - Race Report

Our 2nd of 4 races took us to the beautiful Southern Sierra's to the awesome race course at Keyesville. This was probably the most perfect setting for a mountain bike race with rolling hills and tacky soil. The only drawback was the wind...lots of it!

Our weekend started with a pre-ride on Saturday. We worked out a few mechanical problems and learned the course. Most of the families stayed in Kernville and we enjoyed an awesome family style dinner around the camp fire, in the RAIN! It was great! No one moved as the rain started coming down - we all just kept on eating the spread of tacos, beans, and rice. Dinner was followed by another of Coach Bird's motivational "get ready to race" speeches.

Sunday morning started with another team breakfast and then we were off to the race course. The winds picked up and the skies looked threatening. No rain on Sunday, but, did I mention there was wind? Our boys all raced hard and we ended up with many more top-10 finishes and our first podium in a year and a half. Sean Bird got 4th in the Freshman Boys class.

Great job team! More training and then our 3rd race on April 10th at Lake Arrowhead.

The final results were:

Varsity Boys
Eddy Kronfli - 12th (Broken Wheel)

JV Boys
Matt Misetich - 7th
Christian Breitschwerdt - 8th
Connor Haas - 10th
Cameron Aubert - 15th
Steve Shushnar - 19th
Steven Ayoob - 23rd

Soph Boys
Matt Kubly - 9th
Chris Sercel - 10th
Scott Marshall - 11th
Colby Koklas - 21st

Frosh Boys
Sean Bird - 4th
Daniel Balsam - 8th
Michael Greenberg - 10th
Hunter Nalley - 13th
Keenan Koch - 23rd
JT Ingram - DNF (Sprained Knee)

Special thanks to Coach Nick for making the video and Coach Ken and Mrs. Kubly for the pictures!

Sunrise in Kernville
Coach Nick sizing up a taco. I bet that taco's going to lose!
No wet guacamole!
Coach Bird with his "down by the river" speech
Michael Greenberg on his way to a solid 10th place
Sean Bird lead the Freshman Boys at one point
Steven Ayoob with the "splash of the day" award
Eddy Kronfli navigating between the rocks
Scott Marshall lookin' strong!
Sean Bird - 4th place podium
Even though we were 3 hrs from home, many of the boys stayed to congratulate Sean.
That's the St. Francis brotherhood!
Coach Nick with another GREAT video!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Race Report - Vail Lake

The 2011 St. Francis Golden Knights

The St. Francis Golden Knights started the 3rd season of the SoCal league with a very successful showing at the Vaikl Lake race. The hard work in the weeks leading up to the race was evident with 8 of the 17 racers finishing in the Top 10 of their racing class.

Families arrived on Saturday for our pre-ride, and then we enjoyed an awesome spaghetti dinner around the camp fire. About half the families camped out overnight. After a long, hard day of racing, the team and families enjoyed the "now famous" St. Francis brunch. Great job guys!

The final results were:

Varsity Boys
Eddy Kronfli - DNF (Broken Wheel)

JV Boys
Matt Misetich - 9th
Christian Breitschwerdt - 10th
Connor Haas - 14th
Steve Shushnar - 22nd
Cameron Aubert - 23rd

Soph Boys
Matt Kubly - 7th
Chris Sercel - 8th
Scott Marshall - 10th
Michael Togneri - 16th
Colby Koklas - 23rd

Frosh Boys
Sean Bird - 6th
JT Ingram - 7th
Hunter Nalley - 9th
Daniel Balsam - 15th
Michael Greenberg - 16th
Keenan Koch - 25th

Special thanks to Coach Nick for making the video and Coach Ken for the pictures!

Scott carrying his bike up Marine Hill

Chris with a strong ride

Daniel showing his descending skills

JT lettin' it fly!

Sean on his way to a very good 6th place

Eddy had a tough break on the 1st lap but continued on

Matt being chased by a fast Hemet rider

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mt. Wilson & Air 5 - On the same day!

Saturday saw our team tackle our most ambitious effort to date. We would spend 2 1/2 hours climbing up the Mt. Wilson toll road in an attempt to get as many riders to the summit. (Mt. Wilson is the tall peak above Pasadena with the antennas on it). Our team has been training hard since December 1st, and I knew we could do it.

Our day started at 8:00am as we headed through Pinecrest street gate with 15 riders and 6 coaches. Today's riders included: Cameron Aubert, Steven Ayoob, Christian Breitschwerdt, Trent Carlson, Michael Greenberg, Connor Haas, JT Ingram, Keenan Koch, Colby Koklas, Eddy Kronfli, Matt Kubly, Scott Marshall, Hunter Nalley, Chris Sercel, and Michael Togneri.

The first 3 miles of the climb is a steep fire road that gets you up to an area called Henninger Flats. At this point, our riders had broken up into groups with coaches, and continued on up into the forest; hoping to make it the next 6 miles to the top of Mt. Wilson. At 10:30am, which was our turn-around time, 7 riders had made it all the way to the top!

Our turn-around time was important, because we had plans to meet Coach Kubly, who is a crew-chief on the Sheriff's Air 5 Rescue helicopter at the Henninger Flats heli-pad. We safely descended the fire road, and met the rest of our team who all had come very close to reaching the summit.

Around 11:15am, Coach Kubly arrived in the BIG Air 5 helicopter. This helicopter and crew perform an incredible service, flying rescues in the forest almost daily. The crew exhibited a demonstration for us, landed the helicopter, and then allowed us an up-close view of this huge machine.

Our day ended with another descent down the hill from Henninger Flats, with our ride safely ending at 12:45pm.

Most of our team rode over 18 miles, with 5000' of climbing. That's a BIG day. Everyone was tired, but felt good about our accomplishment. Only 4 more weeks until our first race. Great job guys!

The antennas on the Mt. Wilson summit

Eddy and Connor enjoying a 6 mile descent

Colby and Steven

Christian, Michael, and Cameron

Trent leading Coach Nick
Air 5 after landing at the Henninger heli-pad

The team looking on as Air 5 approaches for a landing

Coach Kubly giving us some tips on mountain safety.

The team, and coaches, in front of Air 5
Is this our new training "secret weapon"?

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Cherry Canyon

Saturday's ride took us back into Cherry Canyon. The last time we rode here, it was raining. This time, the weather was perfect and the trail conditions were awesome! Everyone rode very well and I think that our skills are getting better with the time spent on singletrack.

We also ran into the new Burroughs High School team. It was great to see other teams practicing in Cherry Canyon as well.

Thanks to Coach Marshall for the video and pictures.