Friday, March 23, 2012

Mixin' It Up

The team came off the Yucaipa race looking for some changes. Not that anything was wrong, but our training block had been going for 8 weeks and we were ready to mix it up.

The first week back after Yucaipa was a scheduled rest week and quarter-finals. We took the weekdays off and then had a fantastic adventure on Friday afternoon. On a cool, drizzly day, we ventured out for a fun 3 1/2 hour ride. Our route finished with a nice climb up to the top of Brown saddle. This is an area where we used to ride, but hadn't been to since the Station Fire.

The guys at the top of Brown Saddle

Our next little adventure occurred this week. The team decided that we wanted to be better prepared at the races and to accomplish this, we'd invest in some trainers. League sponsor Kinetic set us up with a great discount and we ordered 13 new trainers for the riders and team. On Wednesday we practiced our warmup at the school before our next race at Keyesville. Spectators described 18 guys spinning on their trainers as sounding "like a swarm of bees".

It was a great two weeks of recovery and training and we all feel good about our Keyesville race this Sunday!

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