Monday, January 30, 2012

El Prieto Trail Work

We don't just ride our bikes - we also help rebuild the trails that we ride on. Trail work is an important part of being a mountain biker. Without trail work, well, there wouldn't be any trails!

On January 22nd and 29th, members of the St. Francis mountain bike team helped CORBA and our teammate, Kennan Koch, repair a section of the El Prieto trail that was erroding into the creek. This was an ambitious Eagle Scout project that Keenan had undertaken.

12 hours of hard work, a little poison oak, and a lot of pizzas later - and the new trail looks GREAT!

Sean and Daniel with their hard hats and tools

The old trail below, and the new trail being cut in above.

The new trail (above) really taking shape.

Here's a great timeline video of the work courtesy of Steve Messer of CORBA

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strat said...

Pretty challenging. I would love to track it.
greg herlean