Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Race Report - Vail Lake

The 2011 St. Francis Golden Knights

The St. Francis Golden Knights started the 3rd season of the SoCal league with a very successful showing at the Vaikl Lake race. The hard work in the weeks leading up to the race was evident with 8 of the 17 racers finishing in the Top 10 of their racing class.

Families arrived on Saturday for our pre-ride, and then we enjoyed an awesome spaghetti dinner around the camp fire. About half the families camped out overnight. After a long, hard day of racing, the team and families enjoyed the "now famous" St. Francis brunch. Great job guys!

The final results were:

Varsity Boys
Eddy Kronfli - DNF (Broken Wheel)

JV Boys
Matt Misetich - 9th
Christian Breitschwerdt - 10th
Connor Haas - 14th
Steve Shushnar - 22nd
Cameron Aubert - 23rd

Soph Boys
Matt Kubly - 7th
Chris Sercel - 8th
Scott Marshall - 10th
Michael Togneri - 16th
Colby Koklas - 23rd

Frosh Boys
Sean Bird - 6th
JT Ingram - 7th
Hunter Nalley - 9th
Daniel Balsam - 15th
Michael Greenberg - 16th
Keenan Koch - 25th

Special thanks to Coach Nick for making the video and Coach Ken for the pictures!

Scott carrying his bike up Marine Hill

Chris with a strong ride

Daniel showing his descending skills

JT lettin' it fly!

Sean on his way to a very good 6th place

Eddy had a tough break on the 1st lap but continued on

Matt being chased by a fast Hemet rider

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