Monday, November 8, 2010

El Prieto Trail Maintenance

On Sunday, November 7th, 19 St. Francis students and 10 coaches and parents hiked up into the Angeles National Forest to support CORBA with trail repairs. Our team spent 6 hours digging, building walls, and moving rocks. Wow was that hard work!

El Prieto is a world-famous singletrack trail located right here in our own backyard behind JPL. Unfortunately, the trail was badly damaged by the Station fire and subsequent rains. Many portions of the trail were completely eroded or had disappeared under tons of debris and silt from the rains.

Our crew met at 7:45am. By 8:00am, we were on our way, with tools, for a 30 minute hike up to the trail. For 5 hours the crew worked hard, only taking a couple of minutes here and there to get some water or a snack. By 2:00pm, we were back at the cars and feeling pretty gratified with the work that we had done. Nice job St. Francis!

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Stephen said...

Thanks so much for coming out to El Prieto. It was great to have such a strong presence from St. Francis. Steve Messer, CORBA.