Monday, March 15, 2010

Vail Lake Race - 1 Down, 3 to Go

Our first race of the 2010 season is over - and was definitely a success. 15 riders from St. Francis made it to the Vail Lake venue and for the 5th straight race in the SoCal league continued our primary goal of having all racers finish. Considering the crashes and mechanicals that we had today, that was quite an accomplishment. Matt Kubly even finished the race with a seat after his broke off during a crash!

Six families made it down on Saturday night for a team dinner and some campfire time. Very cold temperatures greeted us on Sunday morning - but things heated up for race time. By noon, it was close to 80 degrees and the sun was very strong. I'm very proud of our team - the race was truly a learning experience since 8 of our riders had never done a race before. Our next race is on March 28th at Warner Springs and we are going to work hard to do even better there!

Our race results:

20th - Eddy Kronfli
25th - Steve Shushnar
59th - Matt Raba

20th - Matt Misetich
23rd - Christian Breitschwerdt
32nd - Connor Haas
33rd - Cameron Aubert
34th - Steven Ayoob

9th - Chris Sercel
14th - Scott Marshall
18th - Stefano Berrios
21st - Matt Kubly
22nd - Trent Carlson
25th - Matt Higashiyama
31st - Nick Lopez

Campfire Time

Team Photo - 15 Riders Strong!

Cameron and Steven bumping at the Start

Scott Marshall Out of the Saddle!

Steven Ayoob Finishing Strong

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