Tuesday, December 1, 2009


What happens when you ask teenagers to get up at 6:00am on a Sunday? Well, if it's to help setup a cyclo-cross race course, they do it! On Sunday over 10 St. Francis MTB Club members and their parents helped setup the course for the annual Gene Galindo Memorial Turkey-Trot race in Glendale.

Not only did we enthusiastically help setup the course, Steve and Eddy also raced! It was early, but we all had a great time. Thanks to Eddy for getting us our team sweatshirts, and to Mr. Kronfli for bringing the hot chocalate, coffee, and donuts!

The gang, in the dark.

Matt, Lance, and Matt.

Eddy and Steve made over 40 sand bags.

Mr. Garrison and his son Nick.

Cameron was pounding stakes.

Eddy showing good 'cross form.

Steve racing his 30 lb mountain bike. That's hard to do!

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Steve said...

Great pictures coach! Looking forward to race season!