Monday, April 6, 2009

A nice cold, rainy day for a bike race - Warner Springs

That title sounds funny, doesn't it? Sorry for the delay in getting this blog updated. Our second race was on March 22nd at Warner Springs. Warner Springs is a nice little resort about 40 minutes inland from Temecula. Many of the riders and their families stayed at the resort the night before the race and enjoyed the natural hot-spring pools. Nothing like sitting in a 104 degree pool for a few minutes to relax you! There had been the threat of cold, rainy weather, but we were hoping that we would miss the storm. Unfortunately, the rain started at about 10:00am as the girls race got underway. Soon we learned that the boys race would be shortened, much to the delight of our riders.

The guys all toughed it out and we eneded up having a lot of fun. Even the parents made the most of standing in the rain. What else could we do? In the race, Eddy just missed the podium with a 6th place. Russell suffered through a head-cold, and Joseph had a fall into a cactus. The best part of the day was that for the second race in a row, all 12 of our riders finished. Nice job!

On the way home, a few of us stopped at the nearby St. Francis church. We thought that was only appropriate. Turns out that the church was built in 1830. That's old! It was a beautiful church and a nice end to a great day. Two races down, two to go.

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