Friday, November 7, 2008

Important Dates for Our Club - Yearbook and Open House

We are eligible for a group photograph for the yearbook. We need to have this photo to Mr. Bidwell by December 1st.

If we want an extended feature on our club in the yearbook, we need to let Luke Stephens or Nick Coasta know by November 21st. Would anyone like to volunteer to get our group photo done and to notify Luke or Nick about an extended feature on our club?

Open House is Saturday, January 10th. (Setup is on January 9th from 2pm to 4pm). We need to participate to keep our active status. Please let me know if you can help man the table during Open House to tell families about the Mountain Bike Club. Also, end of the year club awards include best club of the year, best new club, and most devoted club moderator. Let's work hard to get an award!

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